Benefits Of Chiropractic Therapy For Asthma

The CDC reported a significant increase in the number of cases of asthma and other respiratory illnesses in the last decade, which can be partly attributed to environmental conditions and in part to impaired immune defense mechanisms. Asthma can significantly affect the normal day to day activities of an individual and can increase the cost of medical expenses in case of moderate to severe asthma attacks.

Research in 2002 by Australian scientists they reported that chiropractic manipulation can help control asthma symptoms permanently improving the quality of life and cost of health care is an allergic condition expenses. Asthma reported in some genetically susceptible individuals and marked by shortness of breath, wheezing and respiratory depression in severe cases leading to death resulting from an allergic response to environmental allergens. Ironically, these allergens are so abundant in the surrounding atmosphere which is very difficult to avoid encounters allergens (Common allergens include pollen, dust and certain foods that act as triggers).

It was believed that asthma is a condition that mainly involves the respiratory system however, actually, asthma is a consequence of abnormal immune function. All organs and body systems are managed by the brain and spinal cord however, any condition that affects the flow of neural circuits (such as vertebral subluxation or herniated disc) can affect the immune, hormonal and nervous control of the body that increases the risk of data deficits. Clinical mediated immunity and chiropractors’ analytical studies suggest that asthmatics that chiropractic spinal subluxation underwent adjustment reported a lot of improvement in symptoms.

VSC chiropractic adjustment improves the immune and endocrine functioning by removing the obstacle to the free movement of neuronal energy. Research indicates that vertebral subluxation may be a possible cause of the symptoms of asthma and an overactive immune system. Research by R. Kissinger known in 55 patients showed that asthma spinal problems can affect the immune defense mechanisms (leading to an overactive immune system or hypoactive immune defense mechanisms) published in the Journal of Vertebral Subluxation Research.

 All asthma patients underwent adjustment of the upper cervical chiropractic vertebral subluxation and reported improvement in symptoms and frequency of asthma attacks. In addition to improved clinical attacks, these patients also reported overall improvement respiratory functioning. Graham conducted another study in pediatric age 81 children with acute asthma and frequent concern. Graham children included randomly in the range of 1 to 17 years old for chiropractic therapy session 60 days.

After the prescribed period, 91.1% reported a significant improvement in symptoms. Almost 30.9% required less medication to handle the referral and a decrease of 44.9% in the frequency of asthma attacks was reported. There are some of the possible benefits of chiropractic therapy in the treatment of asthma, by which is a superior choice over drugs. Most asthma medications are good in reducing the severity of symptoms,

However, most drugs are less effective as a preventative or prophylactic treatment. Moreover, the cost of medicines and therapies hospital, disability caused by asthma attacks and limitation of physical activity are short-falls of drug therapy to pharmacological option asthma. Compared, chiropractic therapy offers lower rate of hospital admission, better systemic profile, better health and productivity and lower requirements for medications. Despite the fact that the chiropractic adjustment is not the first line of treatment for a number of systemic problems or medical research It indicates that chiropractic adjustments can improve overall system performance and improve the symptoms of various diseases such as seizures, diabetes