Benefits Of Chiropractic For Women

I’ve always said that women are much more advanced than the man Ser. The reason why I firmly believe this is due to their amazing abilities. However this role leads them to be exposed to high levels of both physical and emotional stress. For this reason it is important to meet their needs as not being addressed in time, could result in serious health complications in the short and long term.

It has been shown that chiropractic is an essential tool in the lives of women. For example:

Menstrual cycle: During this phase many females suffer from several complications that make the difficult and painful menstrual process. It has been found that maintaining a spine aligned helps the body to have a more fluid and less painful way. Also when there is no obstruction in the body it works vertebras without pressure or extra effort making regulate and control cramps.

In fertility: In many cases the reasons for infertility in females is due to a hormonal imbalance or any deviation in the vertebrae of the lumbar area. Freeing this obstruction it is returned to the body’s ability to balance hormones and to resume the process.

Pregnancy: Pregnancy is the greatest moment of change for a woman. Her body daily transformed to accommodate the increasingly larger and more developed baby. If the bones of the pelvis are not well aligned, or are sublimated, this will directly affect the uterus and the baby may not be properly positioned for the time of delivery. By chiropractors adjust the baby has the ability to be properly positioned for delivery, producing safer, easier and faster deliveries.

Besides that maintain good spinal hygiene helps:

  • To improve overall health
  • To improve the ability to adapt to change body
  • Improved digestion
  • Shorter delivery
  • Improved body aches

It is extremely important to adopt a healthy lifestyle, because we can avoid developing deadly diseases. I mean, according to the National Cancer Institute in the US it was estimated that 226.870 women would be diagnosed and 39,510 will die from breast cancer in 2012 1. Unfortunately the actual figures passed these numbers.

The woman is the most special of the creation of the whole human life emanating be and must be cared for. It is very important that we know is how our body working to identify any obstruction communication between the spinal cord and storing organs this disease, not correct to culminate in a fatality.

The lifestyle you lead, you’re zooming in or become part of these statistics?

If you are one of those who base your level of health in how you feel, or if you think that health is just exercise and eat right, you’ve got news. 100 people who are sick Heart, 90 found out with a heart attack, and of those 90, 40 or found out because they will die of that episode. They have in common Lance Armstrong and my friend Sarah? Both have been working out for years and all that gave them cancer. Being fit does not necessarily mean health.

Therefore, it is health? Where it comes from? As I know I’m really healthy? Q what I’m doing is enough? That really need supplements?

Health, according to WHO (World Health Organization) defines as an optimal state of physical, mental and social functioning and not merely the absence of symptoms. In other words: Health is function. If your heart is running at 100%, how much heart disease is accumulating in your body? If your pancreas is working at 100%, how much diabetes is accumulating in your body? If your immune system is functioning at 100%, how much cancer is accumulating in your body? ZERO! It is a fact! Therefore, what system is responsible for controlling and coordinating all functions of your body? Answer: Your neurological system (brain, spinal cord and nerves)

Within you there is an innate intelligence, magic, who knows how to perform each function of your body. This inner wisdom of the body uses your neurological system through, literally controlling and coordinating it all. In fact, you can stay 40 days without eating, 7 days without water, 5 minutes without oxygen but the instant that the neurological connection is lost, you die or organ, tissue or cell where he was going that nerve dies. The column completely protects the neural system and must be perfectly aligned so that you have an intact neurological connection. When your spine loses its integrity due to accumulation of stress or trauma, neurological vital connection that is altered and results in poor function of the body. This condition has a name. It is called vertebral subluxation.

Where do I begin to be healthy? If you are wondering this, it is a tremendous signal because information does not change life, but action. Evaluate your nervous system to begin to live a full health with your loved ones.