Chiropractic And Children

Why should their children visit a chiropractor?

One of the great concerns of every parent is that your child has the opportunity to become as healthy as possible. It is therefore important chiropractic in childhood. It should be taken into account:

Many current studies show that the physical, mental, social and professional level we reach adult is immensely related to the opportunities that were given during infancy

Aspects that constitute a healthy response to the challenges that occur during childhood finally been redefined. Until recently it was considered that a child was healthy when he did not show any symptoms. However, recent studies suggest that this is not always the case. In fact, health can best be defined as the ability of the body to interpret and then respond to their environment.

There is a system in the body responsible for accurately interpret the messages it receives from the environment and decide which answers send to that the body can adapt properly. This system is called the nervous system, responsible for controlling the growth, repair and function of each tissue or organ.

The spine and nervous system

The first link of the nervous system is the brain (where all the vital information that will be transmitted to the body through the spinal cord and the network of nerves that branch off from it to reach everyone else is generated body systems.

The nature endowed the brain of a strong protective helmet called skull, and spinal another called spine.

The spine is extremely important in our body it is why it is the most amazing and complex part of the anatomy its three main functions are to protect the spinal cord, nerve roots and several of the internal organs of the body, providing structural support and balance to maintain an upright posture and allow for flexibility of movement.

If the vertebrae lose their right mobility, and / or will be blocked, we would be facing the vertebral subluxation complex.

What is a subluxation?

If your child’s body is affected by stress, whether physical, chemical or emotional level, and this goes beyond the possibilities your body to stand, can result in a loss of normal spinal movement and position, causing an interference in the nervous system.

This loss of neurological function and nerve called VSC. The danger of a subluxation is likely to affect the proper functioning of the child’s nervous system, when receive, process and respond appropriately to changes taking place in the body and in the environment.

Make a chiropractor periodic check of the spine is important to detect subluxation in time and prevent degenerative process resulting lack of attention to this problem.