About Chiropractic


In 1895, Daniel David Palmer, empirical scientist, solved the deafness of a patient by adjusting a displaced vertebra in his spine that produced an interference in your nervous system. The discovery set off a chain of investigations in the US that led to the birth of chiropractic.

Since then chiropractic has grown steadily to become the largest natural health care profession in the world.

Science, Art and Philosophy

Chiropractic is a discipline of health sciences that aims care of the spine and nervous system. It is based on the innate ability to heal and regenerate the body.

Our body is equipped with an inherent ability to optimize their health potential power. The nervous system coordinates and controls all body parts. Keeping it free from interference, we can improve the communication network around the body to every organ, every muscle, every cell can perform its function properly.

The backbone provides protection to the spinal cord (central nervous system part) covering it. So, if we keep the spine in perfect condition, the nervous system function properly and the body itself will take care to preserve our health. Welfare and quality of life comes from within each individual.

Chiropractic in the world

Chiropractic is the largest natural health care profession in the world. Established in more than 70 countries, this discipline has a group of approximately 90,000 professionals and international recognition, especially in the US and Anglo-Saxon countries.

Currently in Spain they exert about 200 chiropractors trained mainly at universities in the US, France and England. Approximately 150 belong to the Spanish Chiropractic Association (AEQ) founded in 1986 and legalized the same year by the Ministry of the Interior, with the acceptance of the Ministry of Health.

The AEQ is part of the European Chiropractors Union (European Chiropractors’ Union, ECU) and the World Federation of Chiropractic (World Federation of Chiropractic, WFC), integrated into the World Health Organization (WHO) body.

Professional future

Health care in Europe is changing. A growing number of people are betting on health focus more naturally and chiropractic leads this wellness revolution.

Every day there are more countries where chiropractic has become part of the public health systems, cooperating with other health professions. The excellent experienced by their patients and saturation of traditional health care system results have led to increased demand for specialists in chiropractic.

Spain is no exception. While in countries like the US or Australia there is a chiropractor for every 3,500 inhabitants, only Spain has one for every 370,000 inhabitants. This situation provides a great job opportunity for those preparing to practice chiropractic.